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QUB School of Law’s Eithne Dowds in a conversation with QUB welfare officer Jessica Elder discussing the role of consent in relation to the crime of rape.
Dr Marek Martyniszyn joins second year QUB Law Student, Michael Sheerin, to explore the highly topical issue of International Cartels which have far reaching negative implications for potentially millions of consumers.
This episode explores some of the issues around this referendum, and reflects on the law surrounding access to abortion both North and South of the border.
LawPod's Rachel Killean in conversation with filmmaker, Chris Kelly and one of the protagonists of 'A Cambodian Spring', the Venerable Sovath, exploring the cultural, political and legal backdrop to the film.
In a wide-ranging conversation about their work with CAGE, Moazzam Begg & Muhammad Rabbani talk to post-doc researcher Kevin Hearty about PREVENT, schedule 7, civil sanctions, anti-terrorism laws, and Islamic ideas of justice.
Postgraduate student Jay Burbank talks to Dr Clare Patton about her research into the ‘Cause-related Marketing’ of breast cancer and how multinational corporations can influence the behaviour of women with breast cancer through these campaigns.
In conversation with Dr Peter Doran, Dr Ailsa Cook of Outcomes Focus offers a unique insight into the merits and limitations of an outcomes-based approach to public sector delivery in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
LLB student Julia Hunter talks with Cahal McLaughlin Chair of Film Studies at QUB, and Siobhán Wills, Prof of International Law at Ulster University, about their documentary ‘It Stays With You’
Professors and former Human Rights Commissioners Monica McWilliams, Brice Dickson, and Colin Harvey join Dr Amanda Kramer to reflect on the Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland 20 years on from the Good Friday Agreement.
Niamh Hargan a media lawyer joins QUB final year law student Alana Hughes on this podcast. Together they discuss Niamh’s fast paced, exciting and interesting career in the media, film and TV industry.