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LawPod is a weekly podcast based in the Law School at Queen’s University Belfast. We provide a platform to explore law and legal research in an engaging and scholarly way.

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LawPod’s Law and Society team participant Aoibhinn Graham interviews Kevin Doherty, the Union Services Officer for the Northern Ireland branch of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. The conversation focuses on the content and impact of the new Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) legislation on the function trade unions and the right to strike in Britain, as well as how this may affect the trade union movement in Northern Ireland.

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“So, parliament on the orthodox understanding can legislate to reverse any judicial interpretation of its legislation that it doesn’t like or it can, you know, completely replace common law rules with statutory rules. Parliament could do that, and we’ve got plenty of examples of that actually happening.”

Professor Aileen McHarg
Episode – Legal Lexicon: Parliamentary Sovereignty

Student Experience

I’ve built some really great friendships out of LawPod and also strong relationships with staff members as well, and it really is the perfect opportunity to feel more connected with the School of Law.

– Lucy

One of the reasons I joined LawPod was to strengthen my presentation skills. I thought if I go and do this, I’ll put myself out there. I’ll be interviewing people over a microphone. You really don’t get the opportunity to do that every day.

– Tamara

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