Student Focus

Navigating Exam Preparation

Organise, Prepare, Conquer. Sadie Sturgeon, alongside Student Skills Assistants Aisling and Adam, delve into the possibly daunting realm of exam preparation. They share a treasure trove of strategies, tips, and mental frameworks to help law students navigate and excel in their upcoming exams.

International Student Stories

In this engaging episode, we delve into the lives of international law students at Queen’s University Belfast, School of Law.

In conversation with Professor Aoife O’Donoghue

In this episode, Áine McKenna interviews Professor Aoife O’Donaghue on her journey into law and subsequent career as legal academic. Aoife shares insights into her research areas and notable projects.

Student Skills Top Tips

This episode features a roundtable discussion with five Student Skills Assistants from the Law School, focusing on their top tips from last year’s work with students. 

LawPod presents: A chat with ChatGPT

In this groundbreaking episode, the collective intelligence of LawPod is pitted against the generative intelligence of ChatGPT to explore the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the study and practice of law and the world at large.