Feminist Constitutional Futures – 3

FemCon 3: Learning from transnational feminist struggle for constitutional change. In this episode the FemCon team talk with Luis Eslava and Amaya Alvez about recent experiences of feminist constitutional change in Chile and with Rachel Rebouche about her knowledge of the US, constitutionalism and feminism. 

Feminist Constitutional Futures – 2

FemCon 2: Imagining feminist constitutional futures through the arts and utopian fiction. In this episode we talk with Ruth Houghton about feminist utopian literature and Jess Jones about her work as an artist in projects that cross law and feminism. 

Feminist Constitutional Futures – 1

FemCon 1: Introducing FemCon and asking new questions about constitutional change in Northern/Ireland. In this introductory episode the FemCon team talk with Ailbe Smyth and Joanna McMinn about their experience of feminist legal change in Ireland and Northern Ireland from an activist perspective.

Law, Poetry & Feminism

Professor Aoife O’Donoghue and Dr. Ruth Houghton discuss the intersection of law and poetry with poet Julie Morrissy, examining how legal education influences creative writing and considering law as performative art. They delve into the language of constitutions and manifestos, emphasising women’s contributions and Irish feminist traditions.

Doing Feminist Legal Work

This episode of Lawpod features Professor Aoife O’Donoghue from QUB School of Law and Dr Meabh Harding from UCD Sutherland School of Law, discussing their burgeoning initiative, ‘Doing Feminist Legal Work’.

International Women’s Day Series – Gemma McKeown

​In the second of three episodes developed in partnership with the QUB School of Law Athena Swan Committee for International Women’s Day 2021, Dr Eithne Dowds interviews Gemma McKeown about her career and work as a solicitor with CAJ.