Episode 14 – Everything you wanted to know about outcomes and were afraid to ask!

In conversation with Dr Peter Doran, Dr Ailsa Cook of Outcomes Focus offers a unique insight into the merits and limitations of an outcomes-based approach to public sector delivery in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Dr Ailsa Cook of Outcomes Focus offers a unique insight into the merits and limitations of an outcomes-based approach to public sector delivery. In a wide-ranging discussion with Dr Peter Doran of the QUB School of Law, Ailsa shares her deep experience of outcomes work in a Scottish context and more recent research for Scotland’s What Works Centre. Ailsa is a leader in the field of outcomes. Through her research and work with policy and practice, Ailsa has made a significant contribution to shifting the focus of public services in Scotland towards the outcomes that are important to citizens and communities.

Dr Cook addresses a number of issues that will be of particular interest to public sector bodies in Northern Ireland and the community and voluntary sector who have been initiated into a particular form of outcomes-based methodology, Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA) following its adoption by The Executive Office for the 2016-21 Programme for Government. The OBA/RBA method is licensed and promoted on behalf of Mark Friedman by the United States-based company, Clear Impact.

Ailsa Cook discusses:

– The adoption of outcomes in the context of the ‘Scottish Approach’ to public sector reform;

– How the Scottish approach to outcomes differs from that adopted in Northern Ireland;

– Lessons from the Scottish experience; and

– The shortcoming and pitfalls associated with outcomes-based approaches to public sector reform and delivery.

For more information on outcomes, contact:

Ailsa Cook, Outcome Focus 

The Scotland What Works paper on outcomes in public sector reform http://whatworksscotland.ac.uk/publications/outcomes-based-approaches-in-public-service-reform/

Evidence to The Executive Office Committee on the 11th October 2016, the day before Dr Lowe’s evidence.

The video of this meeting is available here – https://niassembly.tv/committee-executive-office-meeting-11-october-2016/https://niassembly.tv/committee-executive-office-meeting-11-october-2016/

Dr Lowe’s evidence to The Committee is based here:  https://niassembly.tv/committee-executive-office-meeting-12-october-2016/

Dr Peter Doran’s pure profile

Towards a Wellbeing Framework

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