Episode 21 – Broadcasting & Brexit with Prof Daithí Mac Síthigh & Sherlly Acleus

Prof Daithí Mac Síthigh explores the potentially serious implications of Brexit for the £1 billion a year UK broadcasting industry.

Professor Mac Síthigh explains the Country of Origin Principle which allows media companies to broadcast throughout the EU from any member country and whether Northern Ireland could continue to benefit from the Principle, post-Brexit. The episode addresses Theresa May’s allusion to “creative solutions” for the broadcasting industry and how they might align with possible free trade agreements between the UK and EU. Professor Mac Síthigh also considers the future viability of Irish language broadcasts in Northern Ireland.

See Professor Mac Sithigh’s new book, ‘Medium Law’, for a more in-depth analysis of media and communication regulation.

Further reading:

https://brexitlawni.org/blog/broadcasting-and-brexit/   https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/audiovisual-media-services-directive-avmsd





Professor Mac Sithigh’s research profile:


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