Human Rights

Holocaust Memorial Day 2024

Join Evie Cawte in conversation with Belfast’s Jewish Society President Rheannon Platman to discuss Holocaust memorialisation, the fragility of freedom and why it is an important date to commemorate both in and outside the impacted communities.

Avoiding Origin Deprivation–Episode 2

This discussion delves into the complex issue of original identity, exploring its significance and pondering how we might redefine or understand it in our rapidly changing world. We’ll also examine the human right to identity, questioning if such a concept truly exists, especially in the context of new reproductive technologies and varying familial structures.

Coping with Covid in Prison: The Impact of the Prisoner Lockdown

In this episode, Professor Phil Scraton is joined by Professor Shadd Maruna and Dr. Gillian McNaull to discuss their ESRC funded research project, Coping with Covid in Prison, commissioned by and conducted in partnership with the organisation User Voice.

Human Dignity in Cambodia

​In this episode, Dr Rachel Killean, Prof. Chris McCrudden and Ms Boravin Tann discuss some of the challenges associated with defining human dignity and what they have learned so far about the concept’s diverse meanings in Cambodia.