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In this episode, Dr Lauren Dempster interviews Dr Claire Wright (QUB School of Law). The episode explores the relationship between indigenous peoples and transitional justice, with reference to the case of Colombia.
In this episode, Dr Rachel Killean from the School of Law is joined by Professor Louise Mallinder for a conversation about transitional justice in Ukraine.
​This episode focuses on how the law views the concept of innocence in the criminal justice system, particularly when it comes to compensation for someone ... Read More
In this episode, Dr Rachel Killean (School of Law), speaks to three legal practitioners who took part in the Women as Legal Change Makers conference ... Read More
Dr Peter Doran is joined by his friend and colleague Dr Eilís Ward to discuss her new book, Self (2021). The book is published by ... Read More
Dr David Capper in a fascinating conversation with Dr Lauren Dempster about the potential developments in third-party litigation funding in Ireland, the UK and further ... Read More
​Daniela is a second-year PhD student in Law at Queen’s University Belfast (UK), a scholar of the AHRC Northern Bridge Consortium’s doctoral training programme (UK), ... Read More
Former students Kiera Vinall and Jack Meek share their experience of applying for the Bar in England and Wales.
LawPod Publicist David O’Sullivan is joined by Employability and Placement Officer Deirdre Timoney to discuss how to distinguish yourself as a law student.
LawPod Publicist David O’Sullivan is joined by Careers Consultant Terry O’Hanlon to discuss how to use QUB services to maximise your employability while studying.