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FemCon 3: Learning from transnational feminist struggle for constitutional change. In this episode the FemCon team talk with Luis Eslava and Amaya Alvez about recent experiences of feminist constitutional change in Chile and with Rachel Rebouche about her knowledge of the US, constitutionalism and feminism. 
FemCon 2: Imagining feminist constitutional futures through the arts and utopian fiction. In this episode we talk with Ruth Houghton about feminist utopian literature and Jess Jones about her work as an artist in projects that cross law and feminism. 
FemCon 1: Introducing FemCon and asking new questions about constitutional change in Northern/Ireland. In this introductory episode the FemCon team talk with Ailbe Smyth and Joanna McMinn about their experience of feminist legal change in Ireland and Northern Ireland from an activist perspective.
In this engaging episode, we delve into the lives of international law students at Queen's University Belfast, School of Law.
Natalia Barbosa and Anshul Bajaj delve into the transformative role of generative AI in law and technology. Joined by Ed Sohn and Nimal Hemelge from Factor Law, they discuss the potential revolutionary effects that Generative AI tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT and other LLM's (Large Language Models) are going to have in legal practice.
Join Evie Cawte in conversation with Belfast's Jewish Society President Rheannon Platman to discuss Holocaust memorialisation, the fragility of freedom and why it is an important date to commemorate both in and outside the impacted communities.
In this episode, Áine McKenna interviews Professor Aoife O’Donaghue on her journey into law and subsequent career as legal academic. Aoife shares insights into her research areas and notable projects.
In this episode, Prof Anne-Marie McAlinden (Queen’s University Belfast), Dr Marie Keenan (University College Dublin), and Dr James Gallen (Dublin City University) discuss their ongoing research project, Transforming Justice: An All-Island Examination of Justice Responses to Historical/Non-recent Institutional Abuses.
This episode focuses on the complex interplay between citizenship, human rights, and state powers in a post-9/11 world.
This episode features a roundtable discussion with five Student Skills Assistants from the Law School, focusing on their top tips from last year's work with students.