LawPod presents: A chat with ChatGPT

In this groundbreaking episode, the collective intelligence of LawPod is pitted against the generative intelligence of ChatGPT to explore the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the study and practice of law and the world at large.

Another World is Possible – Professor Geoff Mulgan

Another World is Possible. That’s the proposition at the heart of this conversation with Professor Sir Geoff Mulgan, University College London, hosted Dr Peter Doran, QUB School of Law, touching on everything from the role of art in social change to the challenge of avoiding imaginative closure within the academy.

Beyond TJ Mini-Series Episode 1: Beyond Transitional Justice

In this special series of LawPod we introduce a recently published edited collection, Beyond Transitional Justice: Transformative Justice and the State of the Field (or Non-Field), edited by Dr Matthew Evans (University of Sussex) and published by Routledge in 2022.