Dying Tidily – Your Last Gift

Join Dr Rosie Cowan as she talks to Professor Heather Conway and Barrister Sheena Grattan about how to die tidily with your affairs in order. Explore the pitfalls of dying without clear instructions left behind.

Do you have a will? If not, do you know who gets your property when you die? If you have a will, is it up-to-date? Are your personal documents in a mess, such that only you know where everything is? Do you have an enduring power of attorney (something that’s almost as important as a will)? In your household, is there one person who ‘wears the financial trousers’ (and no-one else knows anything about it)? Have you thought about your funeral choices? Have you discussed your funeral choices with your nearest and dearest; do they know what your wishes are?

This podcast probes these questions, and other legal issues connected to death. Released to coincide with Dying Matters Week, it encourages people to have difficult conversations and promotes the idea of ‘dying tidily’ with everything in order.