Katja Franko : Intersections of Law, Citizenship, and Migration

Join us for a riveting episode of LawPod, where we delve deep into the evolving field of criminology with distinguished guest Professor Katja Franko. Hosted by Dr. Alessandro Corda and Dr. Theresa Degenhardt, this special edition not only celebrates the ICCJ Annual Lecture 2024 but also offers a profound exploration of the global implications of criminological practices.

The discussion traverses the impact of globalisation on criminal justice systems, the characteristics of the Scandinavian penal model, and the pressing issues surrounding migration and citizenship. This episode also explores Professor Franko and David R Goyes’ insightful book on the legacy of Pablo Escobar, “Victimhood, Memory, and Consumerism: Profiting from Pablo” which critically examined the commercial exploitation of Medellín’s violent past, tracing how global media, notably Netflix, have transformed the city’s trauma into entertainment, elevating Pablo Escobar to a global brand while overshadowing the victims’ narratives.

The conversation offers a profound look at the intersections of law, society, and transnational influences, making it a must-listen for scholars, students, and anyone interested in the dynamics of law and criminology in a globalised world.