Transitional Justice and Civil Society in Turkey and Northern Ireland: Dr Nisan Alici

In this episode, ESRC-NINE Post-doctoral Research Fellow Dr Nisan Alici speaks to Dr Lauren Dempster about her PhD research on victim mobilisation and transitional justice in Turkey’s Kurdish conflict, focusing on the Saturday Mothers movement. Nisan also discusses her Post-Doctoral research, which compares the work of civil society in Turkey and Northern Ireland, and reflects on her experience applying for Post-Doctoral funding. 

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Alici, N. ‘Complexities and Construction of Victimhood in the Kurdish Conflict’ In Sandal EÖ., Acar, YG., Uysal, MS, and Şen E. (2023) The Political Psychology of Kurds in Turkey: Critical Perspectives on Identity, Narratives, and Resistance. Palgrave Studies in Political Psychology series

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