ESC Mini-Series 3: Legal Internationalisation in the Search for the Disappeared in Spain

In this episode, Dr Lauren Dempster interviews Dr Natalia Maystorovich Chulio (University of Sydney) about her research on the recovery of those disappeared under the Franco regime in Spain.  Natalia discusses the efforts made by the families of those disappeared to locate and exhume the graves of their loved ones, and the challenges they face. Focusing on the case of the Mandieta family from Guadalajara (Spain), Natalia considers the role and potential of legal internationalisation for those seeking to recover the remains of their disappeared loved ones.

This episode is the third in a special series of LawPod recorded at the European Society of Criminology Conference in Malaga, Spain, in September 2022. For the rest of this series please see

 Related publications: 

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