ESC Mini-Series 4: Rural Transformations and Rural Crime

In this episode, Dr Amanda Kramer interviews Dr Matt Bowden (Technological University Dublin) about his recently published book ‘Rural Transformations and Rural Crime’ (2022) co-edited with Alistair Harkness. Matt explains to the listeners that what rural criminology is and why it is an important area of study. He explains that, while it is a relatively new area, rural criminologists are doing important work to try to understand crime, victimisation, criminal behaviours, and their impacts in rural areas. He outlines some of the key themes that emerge in the book and discusses the chapter he co-authored with his current PhD student, Artur Pytlarz, which aims to further develop the theoretical perspectives informing rural criminological research.

This is the final episode in a special series of LawPod recorded at the European Society of Criminology Conference in Malaga, Spain, in September 2022. You can listen to the rest of the series


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International Society for the Study of Rural Crime

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