ESC Mini-Series 1: Climate Change from a Southern Perspective

In this episode Dr Lauren Dempster interviews Dr David Rodriguez Goyes (University of Oslo) about his research on climate change from a southern perspective.

David tells us about the impact of climate change in the Global South and how criminology has to date responded to climate change. He considers how criminology’s response to climate change has, until now, been shaped by the traditional global dynamics of knowledge production. David then highlights the potential for a Southern Green Criminology to better engage with the lived realities of climate change for those most affected.

This episode is the first in a special series of LawPod recorded at the European Society of Criminology conference in Malaga in September 2022. For the remaining episodes in the series please follow the link

Relevant publications:

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You can learn more about David’s work here: 

Work of other scholars discussed in this episode:

Agozino, B. (2004) Imperialism, crime and criminology: Towards the decolonisation of criminology. Crime, Law and Social Change 41, 343-358.

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