Coping with Covid in Prison: The Impact of the Prisoner Lockdown

In this episode, Professor Phil Scraton is joined by Professor Shadd Maruna and Dr. Gillian McNaull to discuss their ESRC funded research project, Coping with Covid in Prison, commissioned by and conducted in partnership with the organisation User Voice. This unique project for the first time reveals the experiences of prisoners during the pandemic lockdown; a time when the voices of the incarcerated were unheard.

User Voice, founded by former prisoner Mark Johnson, is dedicated to amplifying the experiences of prisoners and former prisoners in the criminal justice system. The researchers worked closely with the organisation to enable prisoners to share their stories during this unprecedented time. The podcast discusses the historical relationship between prisons and disease, highlighting the heightened risks of Covid-19 and isolation for those incarcerated. While prison staff and politicians regularly claimed success for their Covid strategies, this episode sheds light on the harsh realities faced by prisoners during the pandemic.

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