International Law and Perceptions of Justice in Palestine

In this episode, QUB School of Law PhD student Tamara Tamimi speaks about her research on international law and perceptions of justice in Palestine with Dr Alice Panepinto. Tamara shares what she has found in her research so far and how perceptions of justice might be shaped by the current violence in Palestine.

Alice and Tamara discuss the historical context of the occupation of and settler colonialism in Palestine, the relationship between international law and armed violence in the region, and what the ways forward are from here.


  • Tamara Tamimi, Ahmad Amara, Osama Risheq, Munir Nuseibah, Alice Panepinto, Brendan Browne, and Triestino Marinello “(Mis)using Legal Pluralism in the Occupied Palestinian Territory to Advance Dispossession of Palestinians: Israeli Policies against Palestinian Bedouins in the Eastern Jerusalem Periphery” in Noorhaidi Hasan and Irene Schneider (eds) in International Law between Translation and Pluralism: Examples from Germany, Palestine and Indonesia
  • Edward Said, The Question of Palestine
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  • Angela Davis, Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement
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  • Rashid Khalidi, Palestinian Identity: The Construction of Modern National Consciousness

This episode was recorded remotely on 26th October 2023