“The Rights of Nature – A legal revolution” with Jurist, Valérie Cabanes.

Dr Peter Doran and Dr Rachel Killean are joined by French Jurist Valérie Cabanes in a wide-ranging discussion about the rights of nature, biocultural rights, ecocide and more.

Valérie is an international lawyer with expertise in international humanitarian law and human rights law. Since 2006, she has been involved in defending the rights of indigenous people. She started a thesis in Legal Anthropology in northern Quebec with the Innu people and then became involved in the defence of their ancestral territory in the face of large hydroelectric dam projects. In 2011, she also opposed such industrial projects in the Brazilian Amazon, in particular, the Belo Monte dam, by preparing reports debated in the United Nations Human Rights Council or the European Parliament. In 2013, she participated in the launch of a European citizens’ initiative proposing a European directive on the crime of ecocide.



Dr Peter Doran


Dr Rachel Killean



From ecocide to eco-sensitivity: ‘greening’ reparations at the International Criminal Court


Criminalising ‘Ecocide’ at the International Criminal Court   https://ejni.net/resources/student-working-papers/

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