PhD Series 2 – Nkem Itanyi

LawPod Director Rachel Killean talks to PhD candidate Nkem Itanyi about her research into copyright infringement in the film industry in developing economies.

Nkem is a second-year PhD research student at Queen’s. Her research is looking at copyright infringement in the film industry in developing economies using Nigeria as a case study. The Nigerian film industry is popularly referred to as Nollywood and is regarded as the world’s third-largest film industry regarding films produced. In carrying out this research, in addition to a doctrinal analysis, Nkem will conduct qualitative research in the form of in-depth semi-structured interviews with various stakeholders in the film industry.

Nkem’s other research interests include Intellectual Property Law and Commercial Law. Currently on study leave, she is a lecturer employed in the department of Commercial and Corporate Law, Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria.

On her Pure Page, there are links to her Orchid, Scopus Profile, Google Scholar, Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts.

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