Making the world strange and more with Prof Reuben Miller

In this thought-provoking podcast, Professor Shadd Maruna and Dr Teresa Degenhart welcome Professor Reuben Miller, author of the ground-breaking book “Halfway Home”, to discuss the complexities of re-entry from prison to communities in the United States. Prof Miller, an Associate Professor at the University of Chicago Crown Family School and a 2022 MacArthur Foundation Fellow, delves into the historical intersection between race and criminal justice that underpins the challenges faced by formerly incarcerated individuals.

“Halfway Home” explores the lifelong burden that even a single arrest can entail, shedding light on the harsh reality that life after incarceration is its own form of prison.

Throughout the podcast, Prof. Miller discusses the influence of prominent figures like James Baldwin and Nina Simone on his work, and integrates a diverse range of sources, including criminological writing, music, and literature, to provide a holistic understanding of the issues at hand. He emphasises the importance of incorporating lived experiences into research and addresses the ongoing debate around including personal perspectives in academic work.

Join us as we delve into the poignant and eye-opening world of “Halfway Home” and explore how the American justice system perpetuates a cycle of impoverishment, instability, and disenfranchisement for millions of citizens long after they’ve paid their debt to society. This engaging conversation challenges listeners to confront the costs that the carceral system imposes on individuals, communities, and democracy itself, and encourages us to recognise the value and dignity of the lives of formerly imprisoned citizens.

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