LawPod Retrospective: 100 Episodes

​In this episode, the LawPod team reflect on our first 100 episodes. LawPod’s current Director, Dr Lauren Dempster interviews its former Director, Dr Rachel Killean, and Producer Richard Summerville about why and how they created LawPod, and the challenges and rewards of podcasting. The Team discuss some of their favourite episodes, how LawPod has adapted in the age of COVID-19, and where it might go in the future. And, we have reflections from two of our student LawPodders on their podcasting experience.

The episodes we discuss in this episode are:

Episode 2 – 16 Days of Activism: Legal and Policy Responses to Domestic Violence

Episode 5 – Digital Punishment Through Online Criminal Records

Episode 7 – 16 Days of Activism: Activism, International Justice and Sexual and Gender Based ViolenceEpisode 8 – Activism, Research and Human Rights 

Student Focus – Episode 12 – Women in Law : Axiom Managed Solutions 

Episode 16 – Moazzam Begg & Muhammad Rabbani in conversation with Dr Kevin Hearty

Episode 41 – Interview with George Monbiot

Episode 47 – Brexit: Justice and Security

Episode 61 – Global Norms in a Divided World: Discussion with Professor Hans Lindahl

Episode 62 – Law in Action: Modern Voices of Eco Activism

Episode 75 – NI: The Constitutional Conversation

Episode 97 – Being Black in Northern Ireland: BLM Protests, Institutional Racism and Social Media

Episode 98 – Legal Lexicon – Parliamentary Sovereignty

Episode 99 – The Shadow Pandemic: Domestic Abuse and COVID-19

Episode 77 – Contact tracing apps and Data Privacy

Episode 100 – COVID-19 and the Laws of Death and Burial

The Transitional Justice Series

Criminology Matters series

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