Episode 61 – Global Norms in a Divided World: Discussion with Professor Hans Lindahl

Dr Mark Hanna and Professor Hans Lindahl, Chair of Legal Philosophy at Tilburg University in a wide ranging conversation about law, philosophy, boundaries and social movements.

Dr Mark Hanna in discussion with Professor Hans Lindahl, Chair of Legal Philosophy at Tilburg University and Chair of Global Law at Queen Mary University of London. Professor Lindahl discusses a range of issues, including the importance of boundaries to legal orders and their relevance to Brexit and Northern Ireland, as well as the importance of social movements from the aboriginal Tent Embassy in Australia in the 1970s to the more recent phenomenon of Greta Thunberg and the school strike for climate.Professor

Lindahl has published Fault Lines of Globalization: Legal Order and the Politics of A-Legality with Oxford University Press in 2013, and Authority and the Globalisation of Inclusion and Exclusion with Cambridge University Press in 2018.

His research is focused on globalization processes, such as the concept of legal order in a global setting; the relation of boundaries to freedom, justice, and security; a politics of boundary-setting alternative to both cosmopolitanism and communitarianism; transformations of legal authority and political representation; immigration and global justice; collective identity and difference in the process of European integration.

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