Episode 57 – The Power of the Corporation in Society

PhD student Samantha Hopkins talks to Professor Harry van Buren from the University of New Mexico about the responsibilities which corporations owe to society, based on both their vast impact and their reliance on society in order to function.

Among the issues discussed are the role of states in regulating corporations, ways in which corporate measures for protecting human rights may be made more effective, the effects which the reduction of the worker to a ‘resource’ can have on human rights, and the potential role of the public in influencing corporate practice.

Professor van Buren has published widely in the business and human rights field, most recently regarding  the global supply chain and its impacts on human trafficking. Professor van Buren can be found on ResearchGate at [https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Harry_Buren] and on twitter:https://twitter.com/hjvb3?lang=en

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