Episode 5 – Digital Punishment Through Online Criminal Records

Sarah E. Lageson talks to Adam Harkens  about new forms of digital punishment and social control in the United States.

Sarah E. Lageson PhD  joins the podcast  to discuss new forms of digital punishment and social control in the United States, brought about by the unregulated digital dissemination of arrest information, court records and criminal history reports. As criminal justice paperwork is increasingly transformed into digital data, this information is purchased and replicated by big data vendors for use outside of the criminal context, and can later be found on social media, online news and credit and background checks, among other channels.  In this podcast, Sarah discusses the contexts contributing to this situation, the consequences for individuals involved in the process, and highlights some of the key regulatory differences between the U.S. and the European Union.


Adam Harkens –  pure.qub.ac.uk/portal/en/persons/adam-harkens(2c64170f-091f-4cee-8beb-9480dd014537).html


Dr Sarah Lagerson –  www.sarahlageson.com and https://rscj.newark.rutgers.edu/people/faculty/dr-sarah-e-lageson/


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