Episode 48 – Corporate Pharmaceutical Crime

6 – Criminology Matters – Co-host Gillian McNaull talks to SSESW NINE MRes student, Angela Rogan about her research and activism in the area of corporate pharmaceutical crime.

In this episode, Angela examines the gendered nature of medical implant harms against female reproductive systems and discusses her own experiences with the Essure Device and the radical activism this has provoked. Her research examines women’s experiences of pharmaceutical reproductive harms in the context of gendered power dynamics in society, using a Foucaultian perspective.   Angela’s UG paper on this topic was Highly Commended in The Global Undergraduate Awards (UA), the world’s largest academic awards programme.

Her paper, A Fusion of Feminism and Foucault to Fight Pharmaceutical Crime, was assessed by an international panel of expert judges and was ranked in the top 10% of 4,887 submissions from over 300 global universities:https://www.qub.ac.uk/schools/ssesw/Discover/News/Archive/GlobalAwardCommendationforSSESWStudent.html

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