Episode 38 – The Harms of Imprisonment: Insider Perspectives

A conversation between criminology lecturer Gillian McNaull and author Michael Irwin, where they discuss the impact of imprisonment on prisoner mental health and suicide. **CONTENT ADVISORY

Informed by ‘insider’ experiences as a Samaritans prison visitor, and a former prisoner and Samaritans Listener, they consider the recent RQIA and RCP reports on prison mental health in Northern Ireland and explore the ‘prison paradox’ – conceptualized as a place of rehabilitation, is prison in fact a site inflicting violence and harm?

Bibliography   Irwin, M (2017). My Life Began at Forty. London: L.R. Price. https://www.amazon.co.uk/My-Life-Began-at-Forty/dp/0992903769

Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (2018). Baseline Audit of Forensic Mental Health and Learning Disability Services – Adult Services.

Belfast: The Regulation Nd Quality Improvement Authority. https://www.rqia.org.uk/RQIA/files/f8/f8d1d996-5902-4d6d-bed5-8ba6b3f4d0fd.pdf

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Content Advisory : This podcast discusses, graphically, issues of self harm and suicide.

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