Episode 31 – The Brexit & Environment Episode

LawPod coordinator Dr Rachel Killean talks to Dr Mary Dobbs (Queen’s School of Law) and Dr Viviane Gravey (Queen’s School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics, co-chair of Brexit & Environment) about their work on Brexit, environment and agriculture policy.

The discussion covers a variety of issues – why is Brexit also an environmental matter, why the Northern Irish situation is most challenging, and how to engage with policy debates in a country ‘tired of expert’s.

To find out more:

Read their report (co-authored with Dr Ciara Brennan & Attracta Ui Bhroin) on Environmental Governance after Brexit in Northern Ireland https://www.brexitenvironment.co.uk/policy-briefs/#nigov

Read the House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee report on Agriculture to which they both participatedhttps://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201719/cmselect/cmniaf/939/939.pdf

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