Episode 30 – Law and Emotion – Dr Martin Regan in conversation with Professor Susan Bandes

This wide ranging discussion explores the field of law and emotion and the intersection of law, psychology, neuroscience and philosophy.

Prof Bandes is Centennial Professor of Law Emeritus at DePaul University College of Law, Chicago and an expert in the field of law and emotion. Drawing on the fields of law, psychology, neuroscience and the social sciences, Professor Bandes describes how emotions pervade the legal system, and influence the behaviour of legal actors in the courtroom setting.

Topics include the role the remorse plays in the courtroom setting, and how judges and juries evaluate remorse. This is essential listening, not just for all Law Students interested in the criminal justice system – but for anyone with an interest in how emotions (those basic human experiences) infuse and ultimately shape courtroom dynamics.

Should judges and juries recognise emotion in the courtroom?

What role does remorse play in the courtroom and how do judges and juries evaluate remorse?

Does a colour or black and white photograph make for better evidence and what effect do they have on a juries emotional state?




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