Episode 26 – Legislating for Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland with Ged Killen MP and Patrick Corrigan

Conor McCormick hosts a discussion with Ged Killen MP and Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty International NI about constitutional issues confronting campaigners seeking to extend same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland via legislation at Westminster.

Matters discussed include the utility of Private Members’ Bills and the conventional constraints on individual parliamentarians involved in law reform projects.

For a press release detailing some of the other constitutional issues raised in a speech delivered by Ged Killen MP at the Amnesty International Belfast Pride Lecture which took place on the same date this podcast was recorded, click here: https://www.amnesty.org.uk/press-releases/northern-ireland-ged-killen-mp-says-opponents-same-sex-marriage-have-lost-belfast.

For further information about the Love Equality campaign, visit: https://loveequalityni.org/.

For Conor McCormick’s critique of how In Re X [2017] NIFam 12 was decided at first instance, see: https://www.irishlegal.com/article/ni-blog-queerying-petition-x.

You can follow the contributors to this week’s episode on Twitter: @ConorMcCormick, @Gedk and @PatrickCorrigan.

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