Defamation law reform in Northern Ireland

Dr Mark Hanna talks with Professors Andrew Scott (LSE), Daithí MacSithigh (QUB), and Gavin Phillipson (Bristol) about the various aspects of potential defamation law reform in Northern Ireland today. In the podcast the participants discuss, amongst other things, the legislative competence of the devolved Assembly to reform the law in this area, the wider implications of online communication for Defamation law reform today, the statutory protection and development of the ‘public interest defence’, and the section 1 requirement of ‘serious harm’, and what that now means for both parties in Defamation actions.

The participants’ profiles can be found below: Andrew Scott:

Daithí MacSithigh:

Gavin Phillipson:

Mark Hanna:

For a copy of the ‘Scott Report’ on the subject of Defamation law reform in Northern Ireland in 2016, see:

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