Beyond TJ Mini-Series Episode 4: Beyond Disciplines, Beyond Fields, Beyond Transitional Justice

In this final episode of our mini-series exploring the edited collection Beyond Transitional Justice: Transformative Justice and the State of the Field (or Non-Field) (Routledge, 2022), Dr Matthew Evans speaks to Dr Lauren Dempster about his chapter in the collection: ‘Beyond Disciplines, Beyond Fields, Beyond Transitional Justice.’ Dr Evans introduces this chapter, discusses the dominance of law in transitional justice and explores the potential value of a postdisciplinary approach to TJ. 

Information on the edited collection can be found here.

 You can access Dr Evans’s University profile here and Orcid here.

 Other publications referred to in this episode: 

Evans, M. (2021) ‘You cannot eat critique: on uncritical critical (legal) theory and the poverty of bullshit,’ European Journal of Legal Studies 13(1).

Evans, M. (2020) ‘Interdisciplinarity and punishment in the academy: reflecting upon researching and teaching human rights in university settings,’ Journal of Human Rights Practice, 12(3).

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