Beyond TJ Mini-Series Episode 3: ‘Greening’ Transitional Justice

In this special series of LawPod we introduce a recently published edited collection, Beyond Transitional Justice: Transformative Justice and the State of the Field (or Non-Field), edited by Dr Matthew Evans (University of Sussex) and published by Routledge in 2022.

In this third episode, QUB School of Law PhD candidate, Daniela Suarez Vargas, interviews Dr Rachel Killean and Dr Lauren Dempster about their chapter in this collection: “Greening’ Transitional Justice.’ They discuss the relationship between armed conflict and environmental harm, unpack several of the reasons why they think transitional justice has to date overlooked this type of harm, and draw on the green criminology literature to consider how transitional justice might better address conflict-related environmental harm. 

Information on the edited collection can be found here.

You can read more of Rachel and Lauren’s research in this area here:

Killean, R. & Dempster, L. (2022) ‘Mass Violence, Environmental Harm and the Limits of Transitional Justice,’ Genocide Studies and Prevention 16(1), 11-39.

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