Legal Careers in Private Practice

What is the reality of working as a solicitor within Private Practice in Northern Ireland?
We feature two local solicitor’s – Katherine McAuley (Joseph Magee & Co. Solicitors) who is in the early years of her career, and Simon Murray (MKM Solicitors) who is a long-serving practitioner. They reflect on what inspired them to pursue law, outline qualification pathways, and share what it’s like to work in private practice and the job satisfaction this provides.

Thoughts are shared on why students should consider working in small legal firms/high-street practices, as opposed to working in large/multi-national companies, with a key benefit being the ability to see client cases from start to finish. They also talk about how they maintain their professional development and consider how Gen AI will impact the sector moving forward. Finally, based on their experiences of working on the front line, they offer advice to current law students how best to identify and shape their careers.