More than a Number

In this episode, Prof Luke Moffett and Dr Kevin Hearty talk with Victims’ Commissioner Ian Jeffers and Dr Cheryl Lawther about their recent report on More than a Number: Reparations for those Bereaved during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The report based on interviews with victims and archival work found that compensation during the early years of the Troubles, where half of all deaths occurred, was inadequate and not fit for purpose. Some victims who were killed in the same incident saw large discrepancies with one being paid £50 and another £15,000, even in the same family, in one case where two brothers were killed, their family received £5,000 for one of them and £112 for the other. Women were also discriminated against and make up most of the lowest awards, despite making up only 10% of those killed. In the podcast we discuss the findings and next steps to establish a bereavement payment scheme.

The full report and presentations from the launch can be found here: