Invisible Spaces with Dr Báyò Akómoláfé and Dr Peter Doran

In this wide ranging discussion, the School of Law’s Dr Peter Doran, meets Nigerian scholar, writer and philosopher, Dr Báyò Akómoláfé. The context is Dr Doran’s upcoming report for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (Ireland) on the role of the artist in advancing the wellbeing economy, and the topics covered include ‘postactivism’, decoloniality and modernity.

Báyo has recently taken up the position of Ambassador for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance worldwide, and is founder of The Emergence Network. “The task for today’s activist,” comments Dr Doran, “is to ‘stay with the trouble’ and avoid reaching for illusory solutions framed by the logics and power configurations that have brought us to the brink. In Báyò’s words, ‘times are urgent, it is time to slow down.’ ”

Join us for a profound exploration with Báyo, delving into the depths of colonisation, perception, and art. Unpack the power of “ontological mutiny” and discover how getting “lost” can be our path to freedom. Dive deep, challenge norms, and reshape your understanding of the world.