Intermediaries in the Criminal Justice System – Dr John Taggart

In this enlightening episode of LawPod, hosts Karen Wray and Sarah McMahon are joined by Dr John Taggart, a criminal law lecturer with a keen focus on the role of intermediaries in the criminal justice system.

Dr Taggart, who transitioned from criminal defence practice to academia, shares his journey and the importance of intermediaries—professionals who facilitate communication between vulnerable individuals and the criminal justice system. Through a comprehensive discussion, the episode sheds light on the intermediary’s role, their critical contribution to supporting vulnerable witnesses and defendants, and the evolving nature of their involvement across various stages of the legal process.

The conversation delves into the challenges of identifying those in need of intermediary services, highlighting the diversity of vulnerabilities that necessitate such support. Dr. Taggart emphasises intermediaries’ significant impact on enabling individuals to effectively participate in the justice system, regardless of their vulnerabilities. Additionally, the episode explores the future of legal accessibility, underscoring the need for the legal system to continue evolving to ensure fairness and comprehensibility for all.

This episode of LawPod educates on the vital role of intermediaries and sparks a broader discussion on making the legal system more accessible and equitable for vulnerable groups within society.