Avoiding Origin Deprivation – Episode 1

In this episode of Lawpod, recorded on the first day of the ‘Avoiding Origin Deprivation and Genetic Identity Losses: a 4-day Interdisciplinary Symposium on Adoption and Kinship Rights’, host and conference organiser Dr. Alice Diver leads a discussion with KAARN founders Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen from the Veritas Research Centre, Yonsei University, Seoul, and Ryan Gustafsson of the University of Melbourne. Joining them is Tobias Hübinette, a scholar in Critical Adoption Studies from Karlstad University, Sweden.

The conversation centers around their research and personal ties to adoption. They discuss several important topics, including the right to original identity, the role of adoptee activism, and the implications of alternative life scenarios. The panel also contemplates the concept of ‘what might have been’ and examines the narratives that often surround transnational adoption.

The sense of ‘ghostliness’ and the sometimes haunting aspects of searches for natal origin are also addressed. It’s a substantial discussion that delves into the complexities of adoption studies.

Read the accompanying blog post: https://lawpod.org/avoiding-origin-deprivation-and-genetic-identity-losses/