Podcasting as a tool for publicising academic research 

Podcasting as a tool for publicising academic research 

Academia is rooted in the accumulation of knowledge through research and publications. With the advancements of the internet and digital forms of traditional media, this process has taken on a whole new dynamic – opening the door to a much wider audience. Podcasting is becoming an increasingly popular medium for publicising academic research, providing a cost-effective platform for researchers to share their findings and discuss their ideas. 

Creating a podcast with LawPod offers a unique opportunity to disseminate academic research to a wider, and global audience. It allows researchers to present their work in a format that is engaging and accessible.

Lawpod has been running as a co-curricular activity in the school for 5 years, producing over 150 episodes on a wide range of topics. Its platforms the research interests of staff and students in the law school provides reflective commentary on current events. We have had over 100,000 unique visitors to our website over the past 5 years and downloads can be anywhere from 2000-5000 per month. A popular episode can garner 500-2000 downloads over time. Additionally, we are now working with the Library to ensure that relevant episode recordings are uploaded to PURE to create a permanent record for archival purposes.  

There are several different ways that LawPod can be used to; 

1/ promote or publicise a new work, 

2/ share and develop ideas, 

3/ have conversations with other researchers in the school about intersecting research interests, 

4/ have discussions with invited guests, 

5/ to support your teaching interests, by producing as a series or a one-off episode, 

6/ as a tool to scaffold student learning such as our legal lexicon episodes.

If you would like to create an episode that reflects your research interests or promotes a recent publication, please reach out to Lauren and Richard. You can see some representative episodes below. 

The nature of the podcast hosting environment also provides us the opportunity to create additional podcast series outside of LawPod entirely so if you had an engaging idea for a multi episode podcast that you wished to publish as a standalone podcast we could facilitate. 

Check out our guide for staff.