Lawpod Student Team Application now open!

Lawpod Student Team Application now open!

Lawpod is the Podcast based in the School of law at Queen’s University Belfast.

The stories we tell through the podcast are about law. What is law, where is law, how does it affect the world we live in? How does Law affect you, your peers, your family, the society you live in and the wider world?

If you want to explore these questions and others by creating podcast episodes and are interested in law, the application process for LawPod is now open.

LawPod Student Team Member Application Details

LawPod is a podcast created by staff and students in the School of Law. It produces weekly episodes exploring a range of social and legal issues in an accessible way and aims to provide a platform for the research being conducted at Queen’s University Belfast. To date it has produced over 130 episodes and has had over 100,000 unique listeners. Following its fifth successful year, LawPod is now seeking motivated and creative Law students to form the 2022/23 LawPod student team. If you are interested in being involved in creating content for the School’s podcast, meeting new people, learning more about the law’s relationship with the world around you, and developing a range of transferable skills, then LawPod may be for you.

Involvement in LawPod is an activity which can be used in a Degree Plus, Researcher Plus or Graduate Plus Route B application – support will be given to students to assist with this process. Members of the student team will be profiled on the LawPod website (  

Online Podcasting

We have access to online services alongside traditional recording. We may be making use of for recording and for transcription and collaborative editing.

Role Description

  • Work with other students to research and pitch content for LawPod episodes;
  • Develop pitches into podcasts (minimum 1 per semester) by preparing discussion questions and securing guests;
  • Record and edit podcast episodes;
  • Write show notes for the episodes;
  • Write short blog posts about podcast episodes.

Skill Development

LawPod is an innovative and exciting co-curricular activity that will help you develop the following skills:

Cognitive/Intellectual Skills:

  • Problem Solving, including prioritising tasks, coping with complexity, setting achievable goals and taking action.
  • Innovation and creativity.

Professional Attributes: 

  • Communication skills.
  • Interpersonal skills, including moral and ethical awareness, sensitivity, and the ability to engage with and motivate others.
  • Creativity.
  • Team work, including the ability to pitch ideas, influence and communicate effectively with others.

Technical skills:

  • The ability to utilise modern technology associated with workplace or work-related activity.
  • Information technology skills, including the ability to learn about and utilise relevant IT programmes. 
  • Email communication.

Business and organisational
Business communication skills – written, verbal and/or online.

Role Requirements


  • Currently enrolled as a law student (UG, PGT or PGR all welcome);
  • Ability to commit three hours a week to LawPod;
  • Free on Wednesday afternoons throughout term time;
  • Interviews will take place 5th October 2022


  • Research skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Team work skills;
  • Ability to self-motivate;
  • Ability to meet deadlines;
  • Ability to deliver outcomes.

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